Anal Pleasure for Watersport Escort

He loved to be pissed on, the east European escort loved anal sex, over time they had worked out the perfect compromise. Louela had the most divine body, great curves, amazing tits and the most incredible ass. Giving her anal was no hardship. If he was honest, he was into it as much as she was. Watching the brunette escort’s firm round cheeks spread for him, whilst the tight anal grip slid up and down his shaft. He liked her to squat over him, wearing nothing but her high heels. She faced him so that he could watch her firm breasts bounce up and down whilst she took his cock deep inside her ass. Nobody compared to Louela when it came to anal sex, she was the best anal escort in London.

Lying back, he enjoyed the show. A sexy, young escort taking his cock up his ass and loving every second of it. The sight of her supple, youthful body thrusting over him, the scent of her arousal, the sound of her moans and groans, the heat of her ass pressed tight around his erection; there was nothing like it and it was made all the better for what he knew was coming next. Up and down she went, round and round went her breasts. Her erotic gasps filled his ears, getting closer and closer together as she neared her climax. With a grin, he reached towards her and pressed his thumb to her clit.

‘Oh, god,’ she cried out, ‘You are a very bad man. You’re going to make me come.’

‘Why does that make me bad?’ he said, ‘Don’t you want to come?’

‘Of course I want to come,’ she gasped as he rolled his thumb over the sensitive nub, ‘I just wanted to fuck for longer.’

‘I know,’ he said with a wicked grin, ‘but I want my turn.’

Louela laughed through her moans. ‘You win, you bad… bad… man,’ her last words were a primal wail. Her body bucked and writhed, he watched her pussy pulse and saw the flush spread across her chest. ‘Yes, fuck, yes.’ The London escort’s body shuddered and quivered until her climax finally ran it’s pleasurable course. She flung her head back, her long, brunette hair tumbling over her shoulders. Still with his cock in her ass, she grinned at him, ‘It’s my turn to be a bad girl now,’ she said and put her fingers on either side of her clit, opening up her labia.

He froze, savouring the anticipation. The moment stretched until it was agony to wait and watch. At last, when he thought he might explode with frustration, a fountain of golden piss sprayed across his body. Hot liquid gushed over his belly and chest, awakening his climax and sending cum shooting up his dick.

‘Fucking, yes,’ he yelled, ‘You wonderful girl, you bad, wonderful girl.’

His body juddered and thrust, spunk shooting into Louela’s ass, whilst her golden shower flowed over his skin. He was already counting down the hours until his next date with the best anal escort in London.

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