Anal Resolutions with East European Escort

Anal Resolutions with East European Escort Samantha

The London escort loved to make wishes come true. New Year was Samantha’s favourite time of year because her dates would always be more open about their inner most desires when they were saying goodbye to the old year and looking forward to the new one. Tonight she had everything prepared, the east European escort was shivering with excitement. Making somebody’s dream come true, giving them the ultimate pleasure, was what made Samantha truly happy. Her date lay on the bed, the curtains were open allowing the cold, starry night to invade the warmth of their erotic sanctuary and the sounds of the city to drift over their tangled bodies.

Samantha kissed his neck, his throat, his chest. Her lips moved down his body until they found his stiff cock. He sighed when her mouth covered his shaft. The sexy, young escort smiled inwardly, OWO was an old favourite of his and she was very good at it. He had told her how intuitive she was, how she always knew exactly how he needed to be sucked on any particular day. Her head bobbed up and down, her tongue enjoying the salty flavour of his pre-cum whilst his hand gently stroked her silky, blonde hair. All the time she was listening to the sounds that drifted through the window. Suddenly the bells of Big Ben crashed through the hum of the city. The blonde escort continued to suck his dick, waiting for the countdown to begin. There it was. Bong! Her expert mouth worked his shaft through the next eleven chimes.

‘Happy new year,’ he murmured.

The anal escort lifted her head and knelt back, the street lights shining on her curvaceous, naked body.

‘What was that new year’s resolution you were talking about?’ she asked.

He looked confused for a moment and then understanding dawned. ‘That this is the year that I will try anal sex.’

‘Well… how about it then…?’ Samantha reached for the lube and offered it to him, ‘Your wish is my command.’

‘Really? Now?’ he said, taking the small bottle from her hand.

‘If that’s what you want…’ The east European escort got onto all fours and looked seductively over her shoulder at him.

‘Oh, fuck, yes,’ he said, kneeling up behind her. She heard him squirt the slippery fluid onto his hand and then felt him slaver it over her exposed asshole. Wiggling her hips, she let him know how much she was enjoying the moment. Giving a nervous cough, he pressed the tip of his hard cock to her tight hole. ‘Tell me if I hurt you,’ he said.

‘Just take it slow at first,’ she said, ‘Ease your cock into my asshole… that’s it… oh, yes… that’s perfect.’

His dick filled her, giving her that delicious full feeling that she only got with anal sex. He began to thrust, slowly, moaning loudly with each swing of his hips.

‘Oh, wow,’ he gasped, ‘That is so incredible. I’ve never felt anything like it. It’s so hot, so tight. Oh, fuck, thank you.’

‘My pleasure,’ purred Samantha, ‘Happy new year, lover.’

He was no longer an anal virgin after that. Samantha had shown him the way and he came back again and again to perfect the art under her expert tutelage.

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