Appointment With Naughty Nurse Escort

He was stunned by how sexy the east European escort looked in her naughty nurse uniform. Lace top black fishnets and white high heels showed off Lada’s toned legs to perfection. Her short, white, figure hugging uniform skimmed her round buttocks and plunged at the neckline to reveal the swell of her breasts. The London escort’s blonde hair was piled up at the back of her head, showing off her graceful neck.

‘Come and sit down,’ she said, indicating the chair next to her desk, ‘Tell me what the trouble is.’

He sat down, unable to take his eyes off the sexy, young escort. Lada crossed her legs and he caught a glimpse of her lacy white panties. He cleared his throat.

‘Er… I can’t seem to get rid of my erection,’ he said, ‘My dick is hard all of the time and it won’t go down.’

‘Is it hard now?’ she asked, sliding her dainty hands up his thighs.

‘Yes… very,’ he replied, transfixed by the sight of the Kensington escort kneeling between his legs. She looked up at him through thick eyelashes.

‘This is a problem that requires closer examination,’ she said and unzipped his trousers. He groaned out loud as his rigid cock sprang into the bright light of the nurse’s office.

‘Oh, my!’ said Lada with wide eyes, ‘You do have a problem. Fortunately I know exactly how to fix it.’

His heart beat faster and his breathing came in short, sharp gasps. He watched her full, soft lips kiss the glistening tip of his cock. Her pink tongue flicked out and explored the shape of his glans, tracing the lines and the grooves. He groaned.

‘It’s going to get harder before it gets softer,’ she said, looking up at him, ‘And the cure is rather messy. Do you want me to continue?’

‘Yes. Oh, yes, I really want you to continue.’

Lada dipped her head and he watched her hot, silky mouth engulf his shaft. Her inner cheeks pressed close, holding him tight in a close-fitting, slippery grip. One feminine hand gripped the base of his dick whilst the other slid under his ass, playfully teasing his asshole before gently squeezing his balls. The OWO escort’s technique was mind-blowing. Ecstasy flowed through his body as he watched her head bob up and down over his throbbing cock.

‘That’s incredible,’ he moaned, ‘Fucking amazing.’

Lada sucked harder and faster. His legs trembled, he felt light headed, a bubble of exquisite heat formed in his groin, swelling until it burst. Spunk rushed up his cock, hot cum pumped into her gulping throat. The explosive bursts gradually decreased in force until he was drained dry. The naughty nurse escort lifted her head and smiled up at him.

‘That should cure you… for a few minutes at least,’ she said with a saucy giggle.

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