GFE Escort 69 Banquet

He breathed in the scent of the east European escort. She smelled so good, musky, sexual, erotic. His cock hardened in Klara’s hand and he lowered his hips, enjoying the sensation of the tip slipping between her sensual lips. At the same time he kissed the soft skin of her inner thighs, luxuriating in her smooth skin. The London escort gave a low moan and teased his glans with the tip of her tongue. He gripped her thigh and bit the sensitive skin gently. Her tongue continued to tease and he growled with desire. Opening her legs, he dipped his head and flicked his own tongue over the blonde escort’s exposed clit. Klara cried out and closed her lips around his hard cock.

‘That’s my girl,’ he breathed as she began to give him exquisite OWO, ‘Fuck, that’s good.’

Her expert mouth worked his length, taking more and more into the hot, tight space. She sucked him hard, clearly ravenous, enjoying every second of giving him OWO. He groaned and pressed his tongue harder against her clit. The sexy, young escort tasted as good as she smelled. Giving oral was one of his favourite sexual past times, the only thing he liked more than giving with his mouth was receiving OWO. Sixty-nine with gorgeous Klara gave him everything that his heart desired. A delicious banquet of oral pleasure.

He began to move his hips, sliding his erect dick in and out of Klara’s tight grip. The wet, heat of her inner cheeks gave just the right amount of friction, her tongue adding greater intensity.

‘Amazing,’ he groaned.

His fingers opened up the OWO escort’s pussy and his tongue slid between her labia. She was so wet, her hips thrusting and grinding in response to his oral attention. Her cum coated his tongue, feeding his desire. His hips pumped up and down faster, pushing his cock further down her throat. He could hear Klara slurping, feel her body tense when she gagged occasionally. With a moan, he slipped a finger inside her tight, soaking wet pussy. A muffled cry came from the blonde escort when he found her g-spot and gently massaged it.

‘Yes,’ he said, ‘That’s it. When we eat out together, we both finish up satisfied. You’re coming with me, sexy.’

Klara bucked and writhed beneath him whilst her mouth worked his shaft. His balls felt so full and heavy, an intense, pleasurable pressure was building. His tongue returned to her swollen clit. Her legs kicked out, her body freezing then writhing, freezing then writhing, until her mouth clamped around his cock, sucking hard with each frantic breath. He fought the urge to come long enough for his tongue to push her over the edge. The sexy, young escort came with a loud explosion of air through her nose. He could feel the rhythmic pulsing of her pussy around his finger, her cum soaked his face and his hand. His climax rushed up to claim him, spunk shooting into Klara’s greedy mouth.

‘Fuck, yes,’ he cried out, thrusting with each burst of ecstasy that powered through him.

The two of them rolled apart, gasping for air, their bodies shuddering with diminishing euphoria, both of them completely satisfied.

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