London Escort Pops the New Year Cork

When his friend had told him that it was the best escort agency in London he hadn’t believed him. But then he met Delia and he knew that the boast was true. The London escort was the kind of woman that he thought you only dreamt about, or existed in movies, or the cover of a magazine. She was so beautiful that she had literally taken his breath away when she first walked into the restaurant. He hadn’t been able to stand up to greet the east European escort for fear of all the other diners seeing his reaction to her sexy curves and her stunning face. Not that he was the only man in the restaurant having that response to her. Amazingly, she only had eyes for him. The room was packed full of new year revellers but Delia walked straight up to where he sat, bent down and kissed him full on the lips.

‘Good evening,’ she said, ‘Such a lovely restaurant. You have excellent taste.’

‘Don’t I just,’ he replied, unable to tear his eyes off the rise and fall of her cleavage.

They had eaten dinner, the conversation had flowed easily, the Bayswater escort putting him at his ease. She was so friendly and down to earth, interested in what he had to say and there were no awkward silences. Even before going up to his hotel room, it was easily the best date that he had ever been on.

He had booked a suite for the night, wanting to go into the new year with a bang, sparing no expense. The bed was huge and positioned in front of a large window that would allow them to watch the fireworks. Champagne waited, chilled in an ice bucket. Delia had sat next to him on the end of the bed, gazing out at the magnificent view.

‘It really is a beautiful night,’ she said.

‘Not nearly as beautiful as you.’ Her lips had locked on his, her tongue gently parting his lips, encouraging him to commit to French kissing. It had been so passionate that he had barely noticed her stripping off his shirt. She turned her back to him, pulling her long, dark hair over her shoulder, bending her graceful neck.

‘Unzip me,’ she whispered.

With shaking hands, he slowly pulled down her zip revealing her slim back, a black lacy bra strap, the dip of her slender waist and the swell of her hips, right down to the delicate black thong. The sexy, young escort stood up in front of him and shimmied out of her dress. She undid her bra and slid her thong down her long legs so that she stood in front of him wearing nothing but black lace-top stockings and high heels. He gasped. Delia bent forward, kissing him whilst she undid the fly on his trousers. He wriggled out of his underwear, his cock bouncing to attention the moment it was released.

‘Now let’s see if we can pop that cork of yours,’ said Delia, straddling him, ‘It’s almost midnight,’ she whispered in his ear.

Gently, she guided his erection into her tight, wet pussy. He slid home with a sigh. Her pert breasts pressed against his chest, her hard nipples nudging him, letting him know that she was just as aroused as he was. He kissed her neck and watched the night sky light up with fireworks. Their bodies moved together, gathering momentum. Her pussy squeezed and massaged his cock, drawing him towards his climax. Delia cried out, her beautiful body trembling, her soft thighs gripping him as her body quivered in orgasmic delight.

‘I’m going to pop my cork,’ he said, feeling the sudden rush of euphoria engulf his whole body.

‘Come for me baby,’ groaned Delia. And he did, the night sky exploding in unison with him.

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