London Escort Samantha No Longer An Anal Virgin

It was an exciting day for the east European escort. Samantha had been working with the best escort agency in London for a short while and today she was going to lose her anal virginity. The gorgeous, blonde escort knew that she loved anal play but she had never had a real dick in her ass before. Shivers ran through her sexy body in anticipation of what she was going to do. Her panties had been soaking just from thinking about her date sliding his hard cock up that forbidden passageway. Anal sex had always sounded so naughty and now the beautiful, young escort was going to do the thing that was so wrong but she knew it would feel so right.

Her date had spent the evening making sure that she was as relaxed as possible. They had had joint massages in their hotel room, both lying on massage tables, side by side. He had talked to her, putting her at her ease, making her laugh. The two of them had eaten the most delicious meal, brought to them by room service and then they had taken a long, warm bath together. The Marylebone escort was so wonderfully relaxed now, lying on her flat belly on their large bed, whilst her date slowly kissed her back, moving teasingly down towards her expectant ass. His naked skin pressed against hers whilst his masculine body slid over her feminine curves. Samantha groaned with pleasure when his hand slid between her smooth, supple thighs and skimmed over her engorged labia.

‘You’re so wet,’ he said, ‘This is really turning you on, isn’t it?’

‘Oh, yes,’ she said, ‘I haven’t felt this horny in my whole life.’

Her date growled with desire, spurred on by the knowledge that she wanted his dick in her ass just as much as he wanted to bury it there. His hands slid under hips and lifted them. Samantha arched her back, pushing her firm, round buttocks into the air. She heard lube being squirted onto his hand and moaned in anticipation when he pushed her legs apart with his knees. The movement caused her ass cheeks to spread and her nipples hardened against the clean, crisp sheets. Cool lube smothered her quivering asshole beneath the gentle application of his warm fingers.

‘Tell me when you’re ready,’ he said.

‘I’m ready now,’ she said, ‘I have never been more ready for anything.’

She heard his breath catch, trying to remain calm and take this slowly. He would be gazing down at her sexy, virgin ass. His hard dick pushed against the tight hole, his hips gently rocking until her asshole slowly opened to him. There was a shock of pain that awoke every nerve in her body and then a warm, pleasure spread from her ass, enveloping her in sexual desire. He thrust deeper and Samantha pressed back against him, gasping with enjoyment.

‘Oh, yes,’ she moaned, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’

He reached around her hips and found her sensitive clit, his finger massaged the small, hard button causing the London escort to cry out. She groaned and writhed beneath him, her ass full with his thrusting erection. Her skin flushed and tingled, her muscles shivered and quivered. Samantha squeezed her eyes shut and bit her bottom lip, her pussy trembling before her orgasm rushed through her sexy, young body. No longer an anal virgin, she couldn’t believe that she had waited so long. It was the most intense climax that she had ever experienced.

‘Thank you,’ she cried out, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

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