Punishing Time for Anal Escort Renata

The east European escort was going to be in so much trouble. He watched her with narrow eyes, his expression stern. Renata’s brunette hair was piled high on her head, her slim, bare legs disappearing under her short, pleated skirt. It was clear to his sharp eyes that she was wearing underwear. Bra and panties were against the rules, as was having her hair up. The beautiful London escort put his drink down in front of him and stood waiting for his instruction.

‘I’m not pleased,’ he growled, ‘Do you know why I am not pleased?’

Renata looked to the floor and swung her sexy hips from side to side.

‘I tried to please you,’ she said, ‘Am I not beautiful.’

‘You are beautiful, I can’t deny the truth of that but you have broken the rules. Breaking the rules means that I have to punish you.’

The Kensington escort’s cheeks flushed at his words. He saw her lower lip tremble and resisted the urge to kiss her.

‘What is my punishment?’ she whispered.

‘Take down your hair,’ he said. Renata pulled the pin from her hair with a trembling hand. His cock hardened when he saw her shiny hair tumble over her shoulders. ‘Now take off your bra and panties.’ She undid the buttons on her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. With a deft flick she snapped her bra fastening and dropped the flimsy garment to the floor. He ran his finger along his lips, his eyes feasting on her youthful breasts. The sexy, young escort slid her lace panties down her smooth legs and stepped out of them. ‘Now bend over the counter.’

Renata did as he requested, her short skirt riding up her ass cheeks. He picked up the bottle of lube from the table and walked over to her. His masculine hand stroked the soft skin of her thighs and buttocks. The anal escort groaned and spread her legs for him. He slipped a generous amount of lube between her cheeks, working it into her asshole. Renata circled her hips, gasping and groaning. With one hand, he undid his fly, his erection springing free. Guiding the tip to her slippery asshole, he held it there.

‘Girls who don’t follow the rules, get fucked in the ass,’ he said.

‘I know,’ murmured Renata with a small smile on her sensual lips, ‘Punish me. Do it. Do it now.’

With a thrust of his hips, his hard cock slid into her tight ass. His body pressed up close to hers. He grasped her pert breasts with his hands and buried his face in her silky hair.

‘I hope you will always be bad at remembering my rules,’ he said as he fucked her sexy ass.

‘I have a terrible memory,’ gasped Renata, pushing back against him and taking him deeper up her ass.

‘Good girl,’ he said, ‘You’re such a good, bad girl.’

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