Spanish Escort in Dirty Confession Booth

He heard the London escort settle herself into the booth next to his and he slid back the wooden screen. It was just possible to see Kalina’s beautiful face through the grate.

‘Bless me father for I have sinned,’ she said in her sexy accent.

‘I will hear your confession,’ he replied, ‘Leave nothing out.’

‘I think about sex all of the time,’ she said, ‘Even now, when I am sitting talking to you, I am imagining giving you OWO, taking your hard dick in my soft mouth and sucking it until you come.’

He cleared his throat, feeling his cock stiffen. ‘When you think about such things, do you touch yourself?’

‘Oh, yes. I have to confess, father, that one hand is on my firm, young breast, whilst the other is pressing against my white panties. My panties are already wet. I am a wicked girl.’

‘You are a wicked girl,’ he said, with his hand on his erection, ‘Tell me more of your sinful thoughts so that I can determine the most suitable punishment.’

‘As my hand pushes my panties to the side, I imagine your cock slipping inside my pussy. You make me feel so full, so wanton. I thrust my hips against you, squeezing your cock hard with my pussy. Forcing you to stay inside me, even though you know that it is wrong.’

The brunette escort gasped and moaned, he could hear the sound of her fingers sliding back and forth between her pussy lips. His hand moved faster along his shaft.

‘It is wrong. You are a temptress. But I don’t think that you have told me everything yet…’

‘No, father. There is more. I hold you inside me whilst I have carnal relations with you. I beg you to call me a slut and to tell me that I am dirty, that I am a bad girl. It makes me feel so good. The forbidden pleasure pulses through my body. I put your hands on my breasts, I make you squeeze my nipples until I cry out. I keep thrusting my supple, young body against you, tempting you to fill my body with your holy seed. I am such a bad girl but it feels so good.’

Kalina’s voice was becoming breathy, he knew that she was really turned on.

‘I have the power to forgive you,’ he said, his hand flying up and down his cock, ‘Do you want my forgiveness or do you want to show me what a wicked girl you are?’

The sexy, young escort moaned out loud.

‘I must confess that it is my heart’s desire to show you what a wicked girl I am.’

‘Then come into my booth, you bad girl. Come here, sit on my lap and tell my all about your wickedness.’

As he heard the door to her booth creak open, he prepared himself to meet his gorgeous, Spanish temptress. His cock had never been so hard.

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