Three’s A Party With London Escort Ivanka

A threesome with the best escort in London had been his girlfriend’s idea. It had been a really good idea. He felt certain that he had discovered heaven on earth. The east European escort straddled his hips, his hard dick buried in the heat of her wet pussy whilst she fucked him. His girlfriend sat on his face, her pussy juices coating his chin as he ate her out. Both women were French kissing each other whilst they got their pleasure from his cock and his tongue. He was engulfed with pussy. Smothered in sex. He loved that Ivanka was a genuine bi-sexual escort, getting turned on just as much by his horny girlfriend as she was by him.

His body tingled, his muscles quivered. Cum dripped into his mouth and he could hear his girlfriend gasping, her thighs shuddering around his face. He pressed his face tighter against her thrusting pussy, enjoying her musky scent, lapping up her sweet juices. All the while the London escort slid up and down his length, squeezing his shaft with her strong muscles. He heard a loud, primal cry from above and soft thighs crushed his head. His girlfriend’s hips bucked, grinding her throbbing pussy against his face. With a final moan, she lifted herself off his face. Still on her knees, she continued to French kiss Ivanka, her hands roaming over the blonde escort’s sexy body. He lay on his back watching the two women absorbed in each other. It was the most erotic sight that he had ever seen. Ivanka continued to fuck him, drawing him ever closer to his climax.

His girlfriend pressed her body closer against Invanka, her hands squeezed the sexy, young escort’s firm breasts, her fingers gently pinched the hard nipples. Invanka moaned and began to fuck him faster, her gorgeous hips rolling back and forth. He could feel the tremble deep inside her pussy and felt his balls swell. A flush spread across the Paddington escort’s chest. His girlfriend reached around and held Ivanka’s head tight in her hand, preventing her from breaking off their kiss. As the east European escort’s orgasm slammed into her, claiming her whole, beautiful body, he watched his girlfriend kiss her, take the bi-sexual escort’s muffled cries of ecstasy and make them her own.

‘Oh, fuck!’ he gasped.

Spunk rushed up his cock, cum pumped out of his cock in powerful bursts. Ivanka’s pussy squeezed him rhythmically, her orgasm milking him, draining him of ever drop. She collapsed onto the bed, rolling away from him, still with her lips locked on his girlfriend. The two women’s bodies became entangled as they made out passionately on the bed. He watched in fascination, feeling his dick begin to stiffen once again. He had definitely discovered heaven on earth and he would be coming back again.

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